S8 E7: FSBO Mastery: Secret Hacks


Meet Tonia Crowe from Greenville, South Carolina. Her goal for the year for closed sales is 65. Her main source of income is prospecting. At least 60 to 70% of her business is FSBO. She uses the Vulcan7 system to prospect FSBOs four to five days per week. Tonia is on the phone about two hours on those days. She says the key is to keep following up with clients. Once you get in there, make the presentation. If for any reason you don’t get it, just follow up because you will appear to be aggressive in a good way. You’re showing them the value, the power of negotiation skills that you have, the power of aggressiveness and they feel comfortable with you to list their home and know that they’re going to get the maximum amount of money. It’s all about skillset.