S8 E9: How To Create More Income With Consistent Prospecting


In this roadmap episode meet Isaac James a real estate agent from Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This fall will be the end of year four for him. The last three years of business for him were a little bit rough. This year he was fortunate enough to have a breakout. This was due to consistent prospecting by dialing for dollars on the phone when using Vulcan7. This year to date he has closed eight units for a volume of 8 million. He has a GCI of 165,000, three units pending and another 67 grand in escrow. He was introduced to the Mike Ferry organization and their system. The system that basically consists of you talking to more people via the phones. Isaac was really struggling with being consistent. Watch and learn how he makes a change and uses accountability to pave the way for his success this year.