S9 E1: How To Get Real Estate Leads In Today’s Market


Getting real estate leads in today’s market. That is what we’d all like to learn more about, right? Why ‘unfair’ share? Because so many do not understand how! “We’re moving out of a speed-based market, and transitioning into a skill-based market.”, says co-host Sarah Close of KWA, Cincinnati, OH.  Which is great news for agents who have been focusing on the fundamentals all along!

Vulcan7 CEO Ren Jones and Sarah Close of KW Advisors (Cincinnati, OH) have alot of experience when it comes to weathering many real estate market shifts, and have done so successfully over the years.

“We’re in a bit of a changing market, which can be an exciting and huge opportunity for those real estate agents who figure out what the strategy is.”

“You have to use a formula, it’s a recipe! This is very much a contact sport, you NEED to be talking to these people in a very disciplined way, and help only the one’s that need help now, and nurture the one’s that don’t.”

“You’re going to see a very big change in the real estate herd, I think, between the amateur’s and the professionals, and teh professionals are going to take advantage of this market, make changes, and be agile in their business to increase their market share. And we all know that market share that is gained in a changing market, is market share that is not lost.”

Watch now to learn more about this recipe for success, and how you can strategize to take your unfair share of leads in this market…..