S9 E2: How To Get More Listings In Real Estate


In this episode of Roadmap, we sit down with Payson, Arizona, real estate agent Maureen Buchanan, and chat about how to get more listings in real estate. Maureen is on pace to meet her 2022 goal of 63 deals.  One of the keys to her success is reliance on a professional coach. But she wasn’t always a fan of coaching.

“I was coached years ago and stopped because I thought I knew it all,” she says. “But when my business went way down, I realized that I don’t know it all.”

So, Maureen found a new coach and hasn’t looked back. “Accountability is really important,” she says. “You have your coach call you weekly to ensure you’re doing your job.” Maureen adds: “If you can’t afford a coach, find accountability partners and join communities such as Take 52.”

Her coach helped Maureen focus her lead generation strategy on setting appointments. Using her “appointment mindset,” she knows she must keep calling every day until she reaches her goal, which leads to closing more listings. Maureen acknowledges that the Vulcan7 lead generation and dialing system makes the calling process much more manageable. “I’ve worked with various platforms before,” she says. “But the information I get from Vulcan7 is PRICELESS! The numbers I get from Vulcan7 are so superior to other platforms.”

Learn about Maureen’s other success strategies on how to get more listings in real estate in this powerful new episode of Roadmap.