S9 E3: Consistency and Repetition Pay Off When Calling Expireds


🔥 Our latest episode of Roadmap is here! We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with EXP powerhouse agent Candace Decker, who’s core message will resonate with anyone calling expireds.

In 2019, Candace Decker convinced her husband to leave his job and relocate to Cape Coral, Florida, along with their kids who were two and four, at that time. “I had a lot of weight on my shoulders,” she says. “I had to make this work because I wasn’t going to drag us all back to the winters.”

And make it work she did! On day one in their new (and still unfurnished) home, Candace set up her laptop on the kitchen counter, logged on to Vulcan7🔥 and did what any great real estate pro does: start calling expireds. It didn’t matter that she moved 1200 miles to a new market because she knew that she would be having the same conversation with the same human beings having the same challenges.

That’s why when Candace prospects she knows she has to “come from a place of value, have a good heart and don’t chase a check… but chase the opportunity to help someone.” Candace’s success is driven by repetition and consistency, especially when working calling homeowners with terminated contracts.

Expireds often appreciate aggressiveness. As she says: “I’ve been hired by sellers who have said: ‘I just love how aggressive you are. My last agent was so passive. I need a BULLDOG like you to get my home sold.’”

Learn more about Candace Decker’s “bulldog” strategies for success in this episode of Roadmap.