S9 E4: How To Get Clients As A New Real Estate Agent


Recently we sat down with Dominic Zimmer, from Boise Idaho, who discusses some great tips on how to get clients as a new real estate agent.🔥“Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress,” is the shared wisdom from this week’s Roadmap episode with Dominic Zimmer from Boise, Idaho.

Dominic launched his real estate career in 2015, and like many newer agents, he relied on referrals from friends and family to get his first clients. But his life changed after attending a Keller Williams Bold event. After watching an agent using the Vulcan7🔥 dialer, Dominic realized it would be a game-changer for his business. He now takes one or two listings per week and has a minimum annual goal of $250,000 clear per year.📈

In addition to his Vulcan7 investment, Dominic made the critical decision to hire a coach. “When you first get your real estate license, you don’t know squat,” he says. “A coach shows you the direction you need to go, and then the accountability to actually do what you need to do.”

When it comes to prospecting, Dominic’s most important tip to new agents is: don’t get caught in the perfection trap! Memorize, internalize and personalize your scripts. “But don’t take three months. Just do it!”

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