S9 E5: Top Real Estate Agent Interview with Realtor Justin Ford 2023


🔥 We are so excited for you guys to watch our latest episode of Roadmap! Welcome back long time Vulcan7 user, and super successful agent Justin Ford, Exp Realty, Ann Arbor/Plymouth MI. 📈 In this episode Justin will walk through success tips on how he’s increased to almost $30 million in production consistently for the last 4 years. Lots of tools and perspective to gain here! “It’s a numbers game. And so I always like to bring it back to your daily routine. If you own the morning, you win the day. So for me, it’s getting into the office and on the phones by 8 AM, and I call Expireds and For Sale By Owners until 10 or 11. And then I do my lead follow up next, and that has been my morning routine since I got into the business. I teach the same thing to the agents that are on my team. I teach the same thing when I’m coaching agents. It’s getting disciplined, and the consistency of showing up every day, and just putting in the work. If you do that, the results will show up.”