S9 E6: Real Estate Agent Cold Calling Success Tactics for 2023


🔥 In our latest episode of Roadmap, we had the pleasure of chatting about real estate agent cold calling success tactics for 2023, with long-time listing superstar, Katie Engler of Realty One Group Dockside, Myrtle Beach, SC. She and her husband lead a team of 12 agents who are on track to generate more than $40 million in GCI in 2023, in just their 5th year in real estate! Lots of advise and notes to take away from this episode!

“So, pick up the phone, it’s going to be your number one, best friend.” Embracing the philosophy that “consistency is the key to success,” Katie works the phones every day, starting with her new Expireds at 8 AM. She credits Vulcan7 with much of her success, saying: “I would never go anywhere else. I’ve seen tremendous success from it (Vulcan7), and will continue to use it.”

Katie works the phones every day, starting with her new expireds at 8 AM.

But she also knows that hard work must be balanced with patience. “I just signed a listing that took me 15 different touchpoints, and that’s over a couple of months,” she says. “So, don’t give up, and know that these people will do business with someone. Why not have it be you?”
Sage advice, indeed.