S9 E7: Successful Realtor Lead Generation Strategy & Advice

🔥 “80% of success is showing up,” says West Palm Beach EXP agent Zak Klinedinst, in our latest episode of Roadmap.
🔥 Zak has been “showing up,” with more than 850 transactions since launching his real estate career in 2014. Zak and his family decided to relocate to West Palm Beach from PA, so he had to gear up to establish himself in a new market. This lead to his second major decision: shifting to Vulcan7.
🔥 “The biggest thing about moving to Vulcan7,” he says, “was I was getting more conversations.” Within months of working with Vulcan7’s leads and CRM, Zak took a $1.36 million listing, the largest of his career.
🔥 He advises newer agents: “If you can spend $400 a month on Vulcan7, I guarantee you can blow your business up if you hit the phones daily.” Zak’s story validates a vital truth: top-producing real estate agents know that well-honed prospecting skills are portable and replicable.
🔥 Learn more tips from Zak Klinedinst in this episode of Roadmap.