Vulcan7’s 11th Year….and Still Going Strong!

Today, April 11 imarks the 11th anniversary of Vulcan7. In recognition, here are 11 ways in which Vulcan7 has helped real estate agents throughout the country transform their businesses… and their lives. 1. The #1 Best CRM For Seller Business: Built by agents for agents, the “Best in Class” Vulcan7 CRM provides a user-friendly platform that…

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Expired Listing Packets: Best Practices

The most successful real estate agents understand the value of daily prospecting. And, as we’ve said countless times in this blog, most prospecting agents focus on expired listings as a huge source of potential revenue. But top agents also know that expireds represent a unique challenge. Having failed to sell, homeowners are likely frustrated. They…

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Build Rapport to Get in the Door: Part I

Building rapport

Our blog theme in February is about effective follow-up.  As we said in an EARLIER POST, top-performing agents secure more than 70% of their listings through persistent follow-up; in other words, after the initial call. Today, we launch a two-part series on how to build rapport through effective conversation skills. This is something that doesn’t…

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