Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Work life balance vin diagram

Is there a real estate professional alive who doesn’t know the feeling of juggling showings, clients, and meeting with other agents with getting to a child’s soccer game or even having a date night with a spouse? There may be no other profession in which achieving a balance between our professional life and our personal…

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Take A Break For This Refresher Course In Time Management

Dont wait until tomorrow post it reminder

Some experts say time management is the ‘mother of all business skills.’ Knowing what items to prioritize and how to get the most amount of productive work into the workday cannot be underestimated. Yet many people feel constantly stressed and run late, the latter of which can be a deal killer in the real estate…

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Improve Your Business Writing (and Improve Your Business)

Expired listing letter

Your days of English composition class may be long in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue to hone your writing skills. Effective business writing is essential to a successful business: the corollary is that poor or ineffective writing skills can cost you money if clients don’t understand the message…

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Building Your Personal Brand in 2018

Brand written on chest like hero

A “brand’ is defined by Business Dictionary as a unique design, symbol, words, or combination that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors, becoming over time, associated with credibility. Personal branding is no different, but to put it more simply, it’s the means by which people remember you. In the crowded real estate…

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