Buyers Take Time, Listings Take Skill

Road Map pit stop logo

In today’s post we introduce an exciting new feature: Roadmap Pitstop!

Pitstop is a series of short content videos pulled from our long-running Roadmap video series. These short videos are designed to motivate and inspire listing agents to maximize their income prospecting seller leads.

Today we’re launching Pitstop with “Buyers Take Time, Listing Takes Skills,” a must-see video featuring Jacksonville real estate agent Marcellus Heath.

In the video, Marcellus talks about the importance of staying focused on prospecting for sellers, despite having buyers who want to use his services (often, his listing clients who realize they need to find a new home). This is a challenge many top agents face as they successfully grow their listing business with the support of Vulcan7. The solution: find a qualified agent (or team member) who can handle the buyer and work out a split commission with that agent.

Of course, it takes a strong mindset to walk away from a portion of the (possibly immediate) buyer commission. But if you stay focused on capturing listings, you can rest assured that you’ll more than make up for what you gave up through the split commission. Remember: buyers take time, listings take skill!!

Stop by today to catch our first episode featuring real estate agent Marcellus Heath. And if you haven’t done so already, please Subscribe to our Youtube channel today!