Rapport Drives Real Estate Prospecting

Rapport Drives Real Estate Prospecting

GET IN THE DOOR! The key to a fruitful (and profitable) career in real estate is to be a listing agent. And the key to being the best possible listing agent in your area is persistent and consistent real estate lead generation. Top-producing agents know that working the phones daily to engage prospects helps build…

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The Value of a Real Estate CRM System

The value of a real estate CRM system

According to a survey by Inman, it is estimated that three out of four real estate agents use some type of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM is a common term in the business world. But it is particularly critical in real estate as thousands of agents compete to stay on top of an ever-changing…

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Creating the Perfect Expired Listing Letter

Expired listing letter

If you’re lucky enough to be a Vulcan 7 client, you’ll start each morning with the newest (and best) Expired and FSBO (For Sale by Owner) leads at your fingertips. We’ve written extensively about mastering the world of FSBO, including: FSBO Strategy: The Basics You Need to Know Five Tips for a Killer FSBO Information Packet But for today,…

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Success With Expired Listing Leads Begins January 1

expired listing leads

Regular readers of the Vulcan7 blog know we are dogged in our belief that prospecting expired listing leads is the surest way to success in our business. Here are three reasons why: You can assume they are motivated because they’ve already decided to sell their home They are likely not averse to working with a…

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NAR Ruling and the Importance of Being a Listing Agent

On October 31st, a jury in Kansas City, Missouri, found the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and other corporate defendants liable in the case of Burnett vs. NAR et al. The jury found that the defendants had violated antitrust laws by conspiring to fix real estate commission rates. The jury awarded the plaintiffs $1.78 billion…

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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

INTRODUCTION This blog post was created for one of the following groups: You’re thinking of entering real estate as a new career. You are fairly new to real estate. You’re a real estate veteran but falling short of your expectations. Regardless of where you land, you likely want to understand HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL…

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How To Find Real Estate Leads

How to find real estate leads

HOW TO FIND REAL ESTATE LEADS: OVERVIEW In the highly competitive real estate industry, finding quality leads is the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or relatively new to real estate, a consistent funnel of leads is essential to grow your client base, and drive your revenue. However, with the…

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Building Rapport with Clients in Real Estate

Businessman smiling with glasses and arms crossed

One of the biggest challenges or any real estate agent is building rapport with a prospect. It’s estimated that, when engaging a prospect for the first time, a seller has between 10-15 seconds to make a good impression. Or, in other words, to build some initial rapport. What is rapport?  Rapport forms the foundation of…

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Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Happy real estate agent

While some are born with charisma, to truly excel in the real estate industry, it takes more than being a great talker; it’s about consistently honing your skills and understanding your unique value. Each of us has our strong suits, those qualities that enable us to own a room and close a sale. But, just…

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

artificial intelligence in real estate

How Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate is Changing the Game Just a few years ago, the thought of using artificial intelligence in real estate seemed like little more than a dream. Fast forward to 2023, and real estate AI technology is transforming how agents connect with sellers, find homes for buyers, and generate leads to…

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Mindset and Real Estate Prospecting

real estate prospecting - Justin Ford

“Mindset is what makes or breaks you,” says Justin Ford, Ann Arbor, Michigan real estate agent, in a recent episode of Vulcan7’s ROADMAP show. Over the past four years, Justin has averaged 100 transactions per year, generating more than $30 million in gross revenue. Justin echoes a theme that is very common to everyone at…

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Use Vulcan 7 to Connect with More Sellers

Connect with more sellers - Zak Klinedinst

“80% of success is showing up,” says West Palm Beach agent Zach Klinedinst in a recent episode of Vulcan7’s Roadmap show. Zach has been “showing up,” with more than 850 transactions since launching his real estate career in 2014. Zach shares how he’s made two significant decisions in the past few years. RELOCATION: Zach and…

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Consistency Drives Successful Real Estate Prospecting

Katie Engler, real estate prospecting calling persistence

In just five short years of real estate prospecting, Myrtle Beach, SC agent Katie Engler has built a team of 12 agents, and is on-track to generate $40 million in total revenue in 2023. In this brief, Vulcan7 Pit Stop episode, Katie discusses the real estate prospecting strategies that have led to her success. The…

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Maximize Your Real Estate Lead Generation

real estate agent holding sold sign next to home

We all know lead generation is essential to remaining successful in real estate, whether for novices or veterans. Starting out, it’s easy: who hasn’t called through their list of friends, family, and business associates? But it’s vital to continue to “feed the beast” and generate new leads to keep your funnel full. Let’s tackle best…

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Real Estate Prospecting with Video Email

Young woman on couch looking at computer smiling

One of the residual impacts of the pandemic is America’s embrace of personalized, one-to-one video. Most people never heard of Zoom before March, 2020. Now, it’s hard to imagine life without Zoom (or Google Meet, or WebEx, etc.). Our embrace of video reinforces the emotional benefits of seeing someone’s face. It’s both comforting and reassuring…

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Win with Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

real estate lead generation scripts

One of the most daunting aspects of real estate lead generation, especially for newer agents, is phone prospecting.  Even with a lead generation system as effective as that provided through VULCAN7, agents can experience a phenomenon known as “call reluctance.” CALL RELUCTANCE There are myriad reasons real estate agents. Let’s look at the three most…

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