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Fight Off Those Pesky Distractions

If there is an overarching theme for this blog it’s how to stay focused on the things that matter most to your success. Some agents have a natural inclination to staying focused, or on task. But, not everyone enjoy that type of discipline. That’s OK. We’re all built differently. That’s why we use this blog…

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Jump Back in the Game!


Here’s the thing about us humans: our minds can be fickle, unpredictable. We can be on top of our game one day, and be questioning everything we do the next. You could be sticking to your routine and having tremendous success, then for any number of reasons, go into a slump.  Regardless of how successful…

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The Little Things Matter

Last week we posted about how to win by focusing on the big strategies. We reiterated many of the themes we often discuss in this blog: accountability partners, leveraging the value of expired listings, FSBOs, etc. Today, we shift gears to look at how top performers win by managing the little things, the small habits…

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7 Tips for Real Estate Success

Vulcan 7 recently shared seven tips for success in the real estate business. We thought we’d reproduce them for readers of our blog: Accountability: As we continuously remind readers of this blog, prospecting is the key to achieving your goals. To that end, regular, systematic lead generation with accurate data on expireds and FSBO “now”…

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Overcoming Call Reluctance: Part 2

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In the first post in this series on call reluctance, we focused on why you get it and how you know you have call reluctance. Obviously, a major contributor to call reluctance is fear, whether it’s fear of rejection or fear of failure. We are hard-wired to be fearful when faced with feelings of dread.…

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The Benefits of a Morning Workout

Most high-performing real estate agents stick to a routine every day. They might get up very early and take time to meditate or read or just sit quietly before the bustle of the day takes over. Many agents take time for daily affirmations. Role-playing with an accountability partners is another great strategy to start the…

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