Basic Strategies for Lead Generation

client's good will

Since it’s still early in the year, it’s a great time to re-focus on the basics of the business. Prospecting and getting leads are obviously the most crucial tactics to succeeding as an agent for without them, we get no clients, and with no clients come no sales.

So, let’s once again tackle a real estate fundamental and review some simple tips for reeling in the leads.

  • Have a great business card. Despite newer and trendier tips for making contact, it’s hard to beat a good, old-fashioned business card. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel: look at other business cards to see what you like and take your ideas to a designer. The DIY method doesn’t work for everything and often, your card may be the first impression a potential customer has of you so don’t scrimp on design.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Get an updated headshot, please. Just as the market changes by the year, so do we and a 10-year-old portrait won’t help you – you want people to have a realistic and authentic idea of who you are. You aren’t, after all, looking for internet dates, but portraying yourself as an authority.
  • E-mail quality content. You are surely sending newsletters to your prospect database but so is every other agent, so make sure yours stands out. Find your own conversational style and make your newsletter full of valuable and interesting information: Of course, you will share listings, but consider adding a brief video from you that serves as a verbal ‘handshake’ introduction to new prospects. Relationships are such a key part of the real estate business, it’s crucial your readers feel they come to know you.
  • Let others do the talking. There are few better tools for selling you than the recommendations of past clients. Not only should you post testimonials with client photos on your website, but you should also add video testimonials to your newsletters and ask clients to write Google recommendations for you.
  • Everyone loves a contest. If you already boast an admirable social media presence, consider sponsoring a contest with an attractive prize that will lure in new leads. Offer prizes that relate to your business, such as house-cleaning service for a month or lawn care – and then promote your contest via social media.

We didn’t specifically mention a couple of items but figure we shouldn’t have to tell you a social media presence is mandatory.  Instagram’s photo platform is ideal for real estate and you need a business Facebook page.

It should also go without saying your website needs an IDX (information data exchange) feed – for novices, that’s the same thing as an MLS feed so buyers can browse local inventory.

Generating leads can be as challenging as it is necessary, but many of these tools aren’t time-consuming. Start with a few and continue to add to your marketing portfolio to find leads and convert them to satisfied clients.