There Might Be Gold In Those Old Expireds

old expireds high end real estate

If you’re a seasoned real estate pro, and have been reading the Vulcan 7 blog, you know that expired listings can be like manna from heaven. These are the homeowners who’ve tried-and failed-to sell their property.  Perhaps it was priced poorly.  Or, maybe the agent didn’t do enough to market the property. Or, it’s possible…

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Make a Difference with Improved Interior Images

We all know curb appeal is essential to marketing properties, and in today’s high-tech age, that doesn’t even mean an in-person look-see. Now, most buyers are reviewing potential homes online and judging whether they want to see a property based on photos, or “pix appeal”. No matter what your property looks like in person, without…

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6 Things To Remember When Rejection Is Getting You Down

Real estate prospecting is all about rejection. Rejection is as much a part of sales as cold-calling: even those who excel at real estate prospecting won’t win every client or close every deal. The key to remaining successful is overcoming the negative feelings that go along with rejection and getting back on the proverbial horse. But how?…

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