Maintain a Success Mentality

Regardless of how good you are with the fundamentals (i.e. power dialing, lead generation, customer relationships), it’s critical that you remember it’s the mental intangibles that keep you balanced and focused on success.

Here are six strategies for maintaining your psychological, emotional and physical equilibrium on the way to closing more deals.


In the real estate business, it’s easy to slip into a mindless eating mode, which of course recalls the old adage: “junk in, junk out.” Stay focused, remain conscious of what you’re putting inside your system at all times. In fact, if you have to eliminate one foodstuff from your diet, we suggest you make it sugar. If you eliminate sugar today (no easy task, we understand), it won’t be long before you feel yourself becoming more energized. A sugar-free diet will help you stay on top of your game during those 8-10 hour days.


What? That’s right, we’re suggesting you focus on the friends and people in your life who are most supportive of your mission and objectives. We tend to take on a lot of casual relationships (let’s not even count Facebook) and then feel an obligation to put energy toward those relationships. But often, those peripheral relationships drain us of valuable time and energy. Choose friends who support your dreams and make you feel great about yourself and your accomplishments.


As we’ve come to learn in recent months, there is a lot of negative (if not false) stuff floating through the ethers. We don’t appreciate that taking in negative information can drain our energy. If you want to play at the top of your game, shut down the Facebook feed once in awhile and turn to a good book. Fiction, of course, is a great way to escape, but if you’d like to use your reading time to take your business up a notch, grab a good non-fiction book that speaks to the psyche of a small business owner. Two that cone to mind are “Crush It” by internet marketing phenom Gary Vaynerchuck and “Virtual Freedom” by Chris Drucker. Also, instead of waiting until you crawl into bed to read, try setting aside time in the morning or use your time in the car to immerse yourself in a good book.


Easier said than done, right? Everything we do in life begins with our thoughts, so the more you focus on controlling your thinking habits, the more productive you will be. We’ve written previously about meditation and mindfulness practices and it bears repeating. Take time each day to sit quietly, monitor your breathing and still your mind. Ten minutes of morning meditation can have a profound and healing effect on your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.


Try your best to exercise at least four times per week. Walking is easy and can be as beneficial as any other form of exercise (and a great way to listen to one of those books). Vigorous exercise builds stamina and helps with focus. So, if you have an 8 PM listing presentation, get to the gym or out on the streets in the late afternoon to get your energy pumping.

There you are, five simple strategies to help maintain your work-life balance and keep you playing at the top of your game for years to come. Ready to get started?

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