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The Benefits of a Morning Workout

Most high-performing real estate agents stick to a routine every day. They might get up very early and take time to meditate or read or just sit quietly before the bustle of the day takes over. Many agents take time for daily affirmations. Role-playing with an accountability partners is another great strategy to start the day.

Some also take time for morning exercise. There are myriad benefits to taking time each morning for heart-pumping exercise. But despite the benefits, many people see morning exercise as pure drudgery, and balk at the thought of crawling out of bed and into sweats, either to go a club or get out to pound the pavement for a few miles.

This post is for those of you in the latter group. It’s intended to reacquaint you with the value of morning exercise, especially as relates to energizing your daily performance on the front line of real estate sales.

  1. You will consume fewer calories. People have a mistaken belief that morning exercise increases your appetite, leading to great food consumption and calorie intake. Not true. A study at Brigham Young University found that morning exercise diminishes the appeal of food. Another study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that women found appetizing images less appealing after only a 45 minute workout.
  2. You’ll burn more fat. Should you work out before or after eating? A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that exercising on an empty stomach burned as much as 20 percent more fat than exercising after meals have been eaten
  3. You’ll have lower blood pressure. Real estate sales can be a stressful business, which is why a morning workout makes sense. A study from Appalachian State University reveals that those who exercise for 30 minutes each morning (compared to exercising midday and early evening), had a 10 percent reduction in their blood pressure. In fact, not only did they maintain this lower blood pressure throughout the day, it actually dropped to 25 percent at night.
  4. You’ll build muscle more efficiently. The National Institute for Fitness & Sport says that testosterone levels are highest in the morning, which makes it an ideal time for strength-training to build muscle.
  5. You’ll reduce your chances of getting diabetes. In a study in the Journal of Physiology, participants who exercise before eating showed improved glucose intolerance an insulin sensitivity compared to those who consumed carbs either before or during a workout.
  6. You’ll sleep better. According to the National Sleep Foundation, morning exercise leads to deeper, longer and higher quality sleep than if you work out in the evening.
  7. You’ll be more active and have a better mood. The aforementioned Brigham Young study found that those who work out in the morning stay focused and more active throughout the day.
  8. You’ll enjoy better mental health. Exercise offers myriad mental health benefits. One study by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public health found that just 15 minutes of running can reduce the risk of major depression by 26%. Exercise is also an excellent anti-anxiety treatment, relieving tension and stress, boosting physical and mental energy and enhancing well-being.

For many real estate agents (experienced, or otherwise), working the phones is the most stressful part of this business. The fear of rejection, or of thinking that you’re “bothering” someone can create tremendous anxiety. That’s why you might want to consider a morning exercise routine. A good workout might energize you, improve your mood and outlook and get your day off to a positive start.  And, an energized “you” will be a more confident you as you begin prospecting for the day.


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