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Reset: Get Your Head into 2021

It’s that time of year when we assess the previous 12 months, and set our sights on the 12 months to come.

If you go back a year I’m time, what were you thinking with regard to your business in 2020? What were you in-going 2020 goals? What were your short and long-term aspirations?

Of course, not in our wildest imagination could we have foreseen the 2020 we just went through. On every level, the COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives, personally, professionally and emotionally.

But for many agents, the pandemic became a lesson in resilience and flexibility. How did you respond? Some agents have had their best year ever in 2020. Were you one of them?

As any real estate agent knows, there is no magic formula to success. You can’t wish yourself to 50, 75 or 100 transactions. As we often stress in this blog, real estate success is dictated by sticking to fundamentals.

In this spirit, we’re going to cover some of these fundamentals. Perhaps now is a perfect time make a commitment to yourself, in writing, to refocus your energy on having your best year ever. Here are a few tips:

  • Commit to a daily schedule of prospecting and lead generation. New clients aren’t going to manifest out of thin air-you need to work your leads. And, with Vulcan 7, you have the best leads in the business, so you have no excuse on this front.
  • Put in the hours each day, not only for prospecting, but follow up and administration. If you already aren’t working an 8-10 hour day, maybe its time to recalibrate your schedule to ensure success.
  • Be aggressive when it comes to lead follow up. In fact, you should have at least a half-dozen or more appointments set up for the first weeks of 2021. Go into the new year STRONG!
  • Be dogged when it comes to pre-qualification. You’ll save a lot of time and energy by doing so. Check out our post on EFFECTIVE PRE-QUALIFICATION.
  • Commit to having listing presentations account for a minimum of 80% of your sales activity. We know that listing presentations, whether in person or virtually, are the most productive way to drive your revenue goals. And we all know that the positive energy of productivity begets even more productivity.
  • Always be responsive1 Focus on your most important request first-and do your utmost to avoid those people and requests who will waste your time and drain your energy. And, always remember, it’s OK to say NO!

Finally, we want to close with a little refresher on goal setting. As you plan for 2021, remember to develop goals that are:

  • Specific…and in writing
  • Measurable so you can easily chart your success
  • Realistic, relative to your skill sets and personality type.
  • Time sensitive-your goals should be tied to an attainable date, as opposed to being open-ended.

Have a great 2021!

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