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The Three Big Benefits of Neighborhood Prospecting

If you haven’t heard the news, it’s a great time to be a listing agent!  Interest rates continue to stay at record lows. Homes are selling at a record pace and at record prices in many markets.

Many successful Vulcan7 agents are using neighborhood/circle prospecting to find additional sellers.  Why should you call neighborhood homeowners? Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Just listed outreach.When one house goes on the market, another in the neighborhood typically goes on the market within 2-3 weeks. When you take a listing with a Vulcan7 expired, FSBO, or FRBO/Investor, call around it I order to grab the next listing!  Let homeowners know you are a trusted agent in their neighborhood. They may be open to selling, and they may want to hand pick their new neighbor by bringing you a buyer.
  2. Just sold outreach brings good news to the neighborhood.  You (or a colleague) just sold the home down the street!  Your credibility with neighbors is at an all-time high when you make these calls.  Neighbors may know the real estate market is strong, but they may not know what it means for them.  Hearing that the home down the street sold at a record high neighborhood price or in record time could be the catalyst a potential seller needs to take action.
  3. Become a neighborhood specialist. Are there certain neighborhoods you are in and out of all the time?  Do you want to be the agent who comes to mind when homeowners are ready to sell or know someone who is?  Let neighbors know when you have buyers looking in their area, provide market updates with recent activity, build name recognition, and become the agent these homeowners learn to know and trust.

Neighborhood/circle prospecting is a proven way for agents to drive revenue. In fact, many agents use it as their dominant prospecting strategy.

Vulcan 7 offers a suite of neighborhood prospecting tools that can help you become the local expert in your area.  LEARN MORE HERE.



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