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Preview Strategies: Part I

We spend a lot of time and energy in this blog reviewing best practices and strategies for maximizing your prospecting results, whether it’s with expireds, FSBOs, sphere, FRBOs or a combination of all four.

As we often say, your primary goal in phone prospecting is to: GET IN THE DOOR. That’s because the magic of sales begins to happen when you have a chance to be face to face with the homeowner on their turf.

Today, we launch a two-part series that assumes you GOT IN THE DOOR! Meaning, your phone prospecting paid off with an invitation to preview a prospect’s property.

Now that you’ve been invited to cross the threshold, how do you maximize the opportunity.


Take time to reflect on the purpose of the preview. While, of course, it is to get familiar with the property. But more importantly, the preview is about building a more intimate and personal relationship with the prospect, leading to a listing. If you’ve done your job, when you leave, the homeowner should feel confident that you’re the best possible real estate pro to represent their interests. Or, put more simply, they need to believe that you’re the person who will get them the most money possible on the sale of their home, in the least amount of time.

What are the crucial strategies for getting the most out of the preview?


As the saying goes: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” To make a great first impression, be sure you:

  • Arrive ON TIME, meaning five minutes earlier than the appointment time.
  • Dress for success; there’s no such thing as “over-dressing” for an appointment.
  • Offer a broad, genuine smile….
  • And, a firm handshake.

BONUS TIP: Assume that the homeowner is watching from behind the curtain and that you’re being scrutinized before you even knock on the door. Your car should be shining and you should walk toward the house with confidence.


Some homeowners might suggest that you tour the house on your own. But remember, the goal of the preview is to build rapport with the homeowner, which is tough to do if you’re going solo through the house.

So, take the lead once you get in the door by inviting the homeowner to give you a tour: “Thank you so much for letting me come buy. Can you please show me around?”


As you begin the preview, keep these four goal in mind:

  1. You’re there to build rapport and gain their trust. Be sure to ask smart questions and let them do most of the talking (70% them, 30% you).
  2. Do your best to understand both their motivation and urgency.
  3. Related to motivation is trying to ascertain their pain points.
  4. This isn’t always easy, but do your best to identify the homeowner’s personality type. For example, if they’re a driver you’ll be better prepared to ask the right questions as you move toward the close.


As you’re touring the property, remember:

  1. Don’t be overly-gushing and generic when complimenting their home: For example, saying “I love your home” is something that anybody can say. Do your best to be specific, focusing on the things you are legitimately impressed by: “I really like how you’ve used custom shelving to get more out of your closet space.” Of course, some houses will be awful, with little to compliment. That doesn’t matter; you must find one or two things that are worthy of praise. Remember, you want to build rapport, but not over-rapport! Plus, the more specific you are with your praise, the more you are complimenting the homeowner’s taste.
  2. ALWAYS have something to write on. Note taking shows your interest and professionalism.

The next post in this series focuses on important questions you’ll need to ask during the preview, and how those questions move you toward the ultimate prized: a listing.



Doug Spak has over four decades of experience as an advertising copywriter, agency creative director, blogger, and content creator. He joined Vulcan7 as a Content Specialist in 2016. In addition to ongoing website copy refreshes, Doug has produced over 300 blog posts while developing content for Vulcan7’s social media platforms.

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