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Consistency Drives Successful Real Estate Prospecting

In just five short years of real estate prospecting, Myrtle Beach, SC agent Katie Engler has built a team of 12 agents, and is on-track to generate $40 million in total revenue in 2023.

In this brief, Vulcan7 Pit Stop episode, Katie discusses the real estate prospecting strategies that have led to her success. The most important of these strategies is consistency!

Katie, like most top producing real estate agents, firmly believes that success is tied to consistent lead generation activity on a daily basis.

Importantly, consistency doesn’t mean inflexibility. Katie makes the point that consistency means doing some production-based activities every day. But depending on what’s happening in your life, agents must be flexible about when those production activities happen.

For example, FSBOs are Katie’s primary source of income. Because there is less urgency in contacting FSBOs (vis-à-vis expireds), Katie can make her FSBO calls at different times of the day depending on the needs of her schedule. Importantly, Katie reinforces something that we’ve often said about working with FSBOs: you need to bring “true contribution” to the table. She doesn’t think about getting the business when first contacting a FSBO homeowner. Instead, she focuses on how to be a consultant to the FSBO homeowner. By taking a service (instead of sales) approach with FSBOs, Katie establishes a positive relationship that will hopefully pay dividends when the homeowner decides it’s time to work with a pro.

If you’d like more tips on working with FSBOs, check out our blog post: TIPS FOR SUCCESS WITH FOR SALE BY OWNERS 

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In our blog post CONSISTENT LEAD GENERATION=CONSISTENT INCOMING BUSINESS we share tips that top producing agents, such as Katie, follow to drive their business.

Most top producers believe that 80% of their day should be spent on production-based activities such as lead generation, lead follow up, pre-qualification and role-playing. But top producers also consistently adhere to certain beliefs that guide their success:

  • Top producers set high standards for themselves, and work against specific, measurable goals.
  • Top producers embrace the philosophy that real estate is a “contact sport.” They don’t wait for business to come to them, but make a conscious, consistent effort to work the phones and find new business.
  • Top producers structure their days to ensure that their production goals are being met. This daily structure often means starting early to get energized for the day ahead, with exercise, meditation or affirmations.
  • Top producers hold themselves accountable, usually to another person, such as a coach our accountability partner. But at the end of the day, the know they are ultimately accountable to one person: themselves.

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