Be Comfortable with the Numbers

There are myriad variables that often define the line between success and failure, some of which are out of our control. But one thing is certain: when it comes to high-performing real estate agents, most make a habit (obsession?) of constantly reviewing and understanding the numbers that define their business. Like anything else, comfort with…

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The Little Things Matter

Last week we posted about how to win by focusing on the big strategies. We reiterated many of the themes we often discuss in this blog: accountability partners, leveraging the value of expired listings, FSBOs, etc. Today, we shift gears to look at how top performers win by managing the little things, the small habits…

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Understand Your Value Proposition

No need to remind you of this, but real estate is a brutally competitive business. Consider: There are more than 1.3 million agents in the U.S., according to the NAR The median number of transactions across those 1.3 million agents was 12 in 2019 Everyone’s hungry to nail down the next listing. Everyone is promising…

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Keep Calm and Carry On

lead generation realtor 2nd quarter planning

Coffee mugs, posters and t-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” have become popular in recent years. The origin of the phrase comes from a British motivational poster designed in 1939 to boost morale of the people of England preparing for a world war. While drily evocative of the British reputation for…

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Pacing for the Long Haul

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ is surely one of the most overused axioms in today’s business environment, but it makes sense. Anyone who has run a marathon knows that if you train too much early, you risk burnout and injury that keeps you from crossing the finish line or even starting the race. On…

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Overcoming Apathy

successful real estate agent

As kids and young adults dreaming of our careers, none of us wish to be average. Who among us doesn’t aspire in our dreams to become great at what we do, be it a professional athlete, chef, or yes, real estate professional? And yet, something happens to many of us mid-career. Our lofty goals vanish.…

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Keys to Top-Notch Service

In April 2019, Forbes magazine reported 19 percent of consumers in a survey select the businesses they want to work with based on customer service. This should come as no surprise. As real estate professionals, we all know the importance of providing excellent customer service to all our clients: That’s what keep referrals coming in,…

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Looking Back: How Was Your 2019

Another year draws to a close, and in the last couple of months, you’ve doubtless been focused on closing transactions and, hopefully, writing your 2020 business plan. But, developing an attainable plan for the coming year means reflecting on the past year, and not just on the numbers side. Successful entrepreneurs analyze their accomplishments and…

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High Wealth Clients: How To Be A Million Dollar Seller

old expireds high end real estate

There are many specialties within the real estate profession, and while working with high wealth clients in the luxury property market isn’t for everyone, it may be the right fit for you. After all, it’s arguable the same amount of work goes into million-dollar transactions as goes into the sale of a starter home. In…

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Success in Q4 Begins with a Solid Plan Now

realtor 4th quarter planning

As kids, many of us likely felt September was more of a fresh beginning than the January New Year. The start of the school year meant new clothes, school supplies, promotion to a higher grade and more opportunities. As a real estate professional, September should still create that same type of sensation as you plan for…

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