Get Serious About Marketing in 2018

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It’s time to get serious about marketing. Regardless your 2017 transaction performance, life in real estate won’t get easier in 2018. Your competitors are hungrier and technology continues to turn the industry on its head. Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective homeowner. You are bombarded with postcards, cold calls, emails and bus-stop benches…

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Is Your Real Estate Website Converting?

Fish jumping from small tank to big tank with a house in it

No matter how pretty your website may be, it’s not really working for you if it’s not converting visitors into prospects or leads. Let’s take a look at the key elements you can’t do without on your site. IDX Integration. To keep buyers coming to your site, you need to ensure they can see every…

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Real Estate Lead Generation Best Practices

Best Practices graphic

We all know lead generation is essential to remaining successful in real estate, whether for novices or veterans. Starting out, it’s easy: who hasn’t called through their list of friends, family, and business associates? But it’s vital to continue to “feed the beast” and generate new leads, and one source isn’t enough. Many of you…

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Blogging As A Lead Generation Strategy

Person working on computer writing a blog

Does your real estate agent website include a blog? If you’re like most agents, chances are the answer is yes. Many website platforms today include a blog tab. Of course, if you use WordPress for one of your sites, a blog is instrumental to the design. So, the obvious next question: if you have a…

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Building Your Agent Brand Is About Intangibles

Cartoon of people holding oversized rulers

A recent post on ActiveRain was entitled How To Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar. The post promoted their ebook by the same title. It was a good post and worth reading. The writer lays out three essentials for any modern real estate marketing plan: Marketing Strategy: indeed, looking at what you’ve done over the…

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How Drones Are Changing Real Estate

Drone helicopter over field

In one of the many ways evolving technology is affecting the real estate industry, the usage of unmanned aircraft systems, or ‘drones,’ is providing brokers and agents with sophisticated tools for marketing properties. The detailed aerial views drones provide are an affordable way to showcase homes, a plus in that MLS statistics show homes with…

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19 Cool Stats About The Power of Video Marketing

videographer cartoon

Like just about every other industry, real estate is moving into the video age.  Virtual home tours have become the norm on most websites.  Facebook Live has turned the average person into the average person with the ability to impose his or her face into your newsfeed.  And video email through subscription services like StoryTellr…

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Is Your Digital Footprint Making the Grade?

digital footprint concept graphic

We won’t belabor the point that a strong online presence is critical to real estate success. If you don’t know that by now, well, it’s likely you may not have a long and fruitful career in real estate. Today, home sellers and buyers have so many ways to get to know you before ever speaking…

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6 Things To Remember When Rejection Is Getting You Down

No postit

Real estate prospecting is all about rejection. Rejection is as much a part of sales as cold-calling: even those who excel at real estate prospecting won’t win every client or close every deal. The key to remaining successful is overcoming the negative feelings that go along with rejection and getting back on the proverbial horse. But how?…

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The Marketing Journey: Part 6-Putting It Altogether

Rear view of a businesswoman looking at large business planning sketch on a chalkboard

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! The first five posts in this series were devoted to the stuff to which people pay little or no attention: business goals translated into marketing strategy, translated to communication strategy, translated to your brand idea, or the story you will tell prospects. An important aspect of this journey…

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