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Give Yourself Something to Talk About

The term “engagement” has come to define all that is effective about marketing in the social media era. Typically, engagement refers to how people react to the content you put into the social media environment. This covers everything from likes to shares to comments.

But, for real estate agents, true engagement has nothing to do with social media likes, shares or comments. True engagement is about what successful real estate agents do best:  talk to people.

And, it’s safe to say, there’s probably never been a moment like the present when reaching out and engaging people in a meaningful way has been more important. With people in some form of home lockdown, there is a hunger for human contact.  Therein lies the opportunity for real estate agents who are willing to practice the only kind of engagement that truly matters

Let’s quickly review the ways in which agents can engage future prospects:

  • Talking to your past clients, your sphere of influence. They may not be ready to buy today, but, as we’ve said in recent posts, they are likely to be open to your outreach.
  • Talking to those with expired listings. As a Vulcan 7 customer, you have daily access to the best expired listings in the business. And, many, if not most expired listing home owners have a sense of urgency to sell.
  • Talking to For Sale by Owners. Again, with Vulcan 7, you’re assured the best FSBO leads in the business. And yes, FSBOs will push back about not wanting to pay real estate commission. But that’s where you work your real estate scripts on dealing with objections.
  • Talking about the numbers in your MLS. Many people are operating under the illusion that the real estate market is dead in light of COVID-19.
  • Talking, either via Zoom or safe in-person to as many people as you can. Many states are now easing restrictions for people to do business. This doesn’t preclude us from being vigilant with regard to social distancing, but it will begin to open up more opportunities to talk, mask-to-mask, six-feet apart.
  • Talking someone through your Seller presentation, especially if that “someone” is an expired consumer who needs to know why you’ll be different, and more effective, than their previous agent
  • Talking clients through the sales process, from pricing to viewings (virtual or, depending on the circumstances, actual) to offers to pending to closing.

You get the idea. Talking is a real estate agent’s stock-in-trade. Interestingly enough, there is a lot to talk about these days. So, put on your headset, turn on your Vulcan 7 dialer, clear your throat and start doing what you do best.

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