FSBO: For Sale by Owner… AND Fastest Single Business Opportunity

For sale by owner sign in front of house

With hot markets and rapidly rising home prices, some homeowners are tempted to try selling on their own without the help of a real estate professional.  FSBOs hope to save money and believe they can manage the process.  However, most unrepresented sellers are unaware of the risks, potential problems, and legal protections necessary in a real estate transaction.  Furthermore,…

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FRBO: Part of Your Low-Inventory Strategy

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Mortgage rates are still at record lows and demand is high, which means inventory is shrinking. This is a problem for real estate agents. Or, is it? A recent Homelight survey found 59 percent of real estate agents saying that their biggest challenge is low inventory. This suggests that the other 41 percent do not…

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2021 Real Estate: What We Predicted Versus Where We Are

house figurine on desk buy lap top

Looking back on the final months of 2020 going into 2021, no one knew for certain how or when our economy would recover. While some areas took devastating hits, others found new successes. And as the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel gets brighter and brighter, we’re able to compare 2021 predictions to…

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Is FRBO Part Of Your Long-Term Business Strategy?

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We’ve become accustomed to discussing the potential of tapping into FSBOs-those homeowners who are trying to sell their property without the support of a real estate agent.  FSBOs have long-been a lucrative revenue source for savvy agents who know how to leverage their expertise to bring value to these homeowners. Another interesting, and often-overlooked source…

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Build Repeat Business for Years to Come with FRBOs

house for rent red sign

Have you ever considered real estate investors as a potentially huge source or revenue? Think about this: If you could get a relationship going with just 6-8 investors, imagine how it would pay big dividends over time. This will be our theme over the coming month as we focus on FRBOs: For Rent by Owner…

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