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Maximize Your Real Estate Lead Generation

We all know lead generation is essential to remaining successful in real estate, whether for novices or veterans. Starting out, it’s easy: who hasn’t called through their list of friends, family, and business associates?

But it’s vital to continue to “feed the beast” and generate new leads to keep your funnel full.

Let’s tackle best practices for lead generation and development of multiple lead generation mechanisms.

  • Start with technology. Successful real estate lead generation begins with advanced technology, like that offered by Vulcan7. Top producing agents across the country use Vulcan7 because it provides a multi-faceted platform that includes:
    • Best leads in the business, including Expired/FSBO Leads, and FRBOs.
    • Circle prospecting software that helps you become the go-to agent in the neighborhoods of your choosing.
    • A user-friendly, intuitive CRM that keeps you on task and ahead of the game.
    • Our best-in-class DIALER that helps you make 400% more calls that you would by manually dialing.
  • Develop a system. Without method and organization, it’s tough to weather the cyclical nature of the real estate business, both financially and emotionally. Put a system in place for lead generation. Importantly, stick to a strict schedule. Your schedule should be goal-focused, and structured the same way, every day. For example:
    • Create a morning routine built around quiet time or meditation.
    • Set aside a dedicated time for lead-generation.
    • Build in time for the administrative details that can bog you down if left unchecked.
    • Adhere to a strict quitting time each day.

real estate seller lead generation

  • Work your referrals. It should be obvious your best source of leads come from those clients with whom you’ve already worked. You can develop better relationships by continuing to stay in touch with clients after a closing. Email neighborly newsletters to your database and customize your ‘touches’ to recognize special life events like birthdays and anniversaries: your kindness will pay off. While it may seem elementary, join community organizations and be active in your neighborhood to organically grow leads.
  • Tweak your website and keep it simple. Potential clients want information quickly, so your website needs your contact information posted prominently on the home page. Make sure your homepage also includes your value proposition: what service do you offer that no other broker does? What skill have you mastered better than other brokers? Give clients a reason to call you.
  • Use your scripts! Perhaps the most valuable assets in your real estate lead generation toolkit are your scripts. By mastering your scripts, you’re better able to control the flow and outcome of every lead generation call. The more you practice with your scripts, the more authentic you’ll sound as you make your calls. Check out our post on WORKING WITH SCRIPTS.

real estate seller lead generation

  • Social media. Whatever platforms you choose to market yourself, consistently post links to listings or promotions that help sell you and your business. Since you also want to be on the social media platforms your clients are, check out products like Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager, which allow you to mark visitors to your website and create custom audiences based on what elements to your sites visitors view. Social media gives you almost endless opportunities for creative marketing that can generate new leads: through Facebook Live, you can give tours of listings, or offer client testimonials.

REAL ESTATE SELLER LEADS is the lifeblood of successful agents. Find the combination of lead generation strategies that feels most comfortable to you and works best for your business. Then get out there and start making it happen.

real estate seller lead generation


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