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Mindset and Real Estate Prospecting

“Mindset is what makes or breaks you,” says Justin Ford, Ann Arbor, Michigan real estate agent, in a recent episode of Vulcan7’s ROADMAP show. Over the past four years, Justin has averaged 100 transactions per year, generating more than $30 million in gross revenue.

Justin echoes a theme that is very common to everyone at Vulcan7, for we understand the importance of having the proper mindset to succeed in real estate prospecting.

In our blog post MINDSET DRIVES LEAD GENERATION, we look at the ways in which top-producing agents harness mindset to drive their business. We identified that top-producers:

  • Operate at high levels of “success energy.” In other words, they approach lead generation with anticipation, instead of anxiety. They know that rejection is simply a part of this business, and don’t take it personally.
  • Focus on solutions. Instead of asking what they can do to get the contract, they might frame each lead generation encounter as: “What can I do to make this an amazing experience for my client.”
  • Understand what they can control. Top agents show up, practice, have excellent discipline, and do the work. They CAN’T control the outcome of every call or meeting. They do the best they can do, accept the outcome and move on.

CLICK HERE to check out the complete blog post for more mindset tips.

In addition to his success as a real estate agent, Justin serves as a coach to many new agents. He runs a Prospecting Boot Camp which focuses on skills training, especially for new agents. “Skill work needs to be your top priority,” Justin says. To that end, he puts his agents through a strict regimen after their orientation:

  • Week 2: write out expired scripts, five times per day for one week.
  • Week 3: add FSBO scripts to the process; three times per day
  • On-going: schedule 2-3 role-playing sessions per week.

Justin believes that agents, especially early in their careers, should devote at least an hour to skill work: 30 minutes for internalizing scripts and 30 minutes for role-playing.

Perhaps one of the biggest mindset challenge for agents is overcoming “call reluctance.” Even seasoned agents can run into moments when they don’t want to pick up the phone. Our fear of rejection can be daunting.

We’ve written extensively about strengthening your mindset in the face of call reluctance. Check out our blog post BEAT CALL RELUCTANCE WITH THESE SIX STRATEGIES.

Check out the short Pit-Stop episode below, pulled from the full Roadmap episode. In this Pit-Stop segment, Justin shares the process he takes his coaching clients through in his Prospecting Boot Camp.

If you’d like to see the entire Roadmap episode with Justin, CLICK HERE.

And if you’d like to learn more about Vulcan7, CLICK HERE.


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