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Anatomy of a Script

If you use Vulcan7 to drive your real estate prospecting business, you’ll appreciate the value of not only the expired and FSBO leads, but the entire CRM platform as well.

A key part of this platform is the extensive portfolio of real estate scripts covering a variety of scenarios you’re likely to encounter as an agent.

We’ve written extensively in this blog about scripts:

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Corey Daniel, a highly-successful, Texas-based agent and Vulcan7 client who discusses how he leans on his scripts during his daily prospecting windows.

As you’ll hear in the Vulcan7 Roadmap Pit-Stop episode below, Corey’s daily target is 10 CONTACTS! To reach his target, Corey needs to make between 100-200 dials during each daily session, which can last between 2-4 hours. YES, THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES!

Here’s what’s important: even though he’s been making this many calls for years, Corey still keeps his well-worn scripts on the desk in front of him for each call. Yes, he may be super-familiar with those scripts, but he knows there may be times when he has to lean on them, and it helps to have them convenient.

Corey also discusses his “8X8” prospecting and lead follow-up program, in which he makes at least eight “touches” over the course of eight weeks. Those touches include:

  • Follow up calls
  • Text messages, including video texts
  • Emails
  • Post cards
  • Letters

Corey knows this business is truly a marathon that rewards those who are persistent and focused.

Check out the video to see how Corey walks through one of his expired scripts during a role-playing session.

We’ll be back with more Pit-Stops in the weeks to come.

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