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Vulcan7 CEO Ren Jones talks to top agents who share their secrets and processes to take 3,4,5 more listings a week. The show goes over the exact strategies to follow to make a tremendous income. As you watch, your personal production will increase in leaps and bounds as you apply their secrets.

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Ren Jones and Sarah Close Roadmap

S9 E1: How To Get Real Estate Leads In Today’s Market

Road Map season 8 highlights

S8 E17: Highlight Show

Phillip Demuth Road Map

S8 E16: Work with Listings and Control the Market


S8 E15: Discussing Types of Motivated Seller Leads w/ Special Guest “Mighty Mike” Reid

Dean Clark Road Map

S8 E14: Best Prospecting Strategies For Real Estate Lead Generation

Tom Toole Road Map

S8 E13: The Expired Listings Strategy That Allowed Tom Toole To Close 165 Million GCI In 2021