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Vulcan7 CEO Ren Jones talks to top agents who share their secrets and processes to take 3,4,5 more listings a week. The show goes over the exact strategies to follow to make a tremendous income. As you watch, your personal production will increase in leaps and bounds as you apply their secrets.

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Raj Sinha road map

S8 E12: Why You Should Refocus From Buyers To Sellers

Ehab Korabi road map

S8 E11: Overcoming Call Reluctance

Kathren Hatayama road map

S8 E10: How To Achieve Predictable Income Through Prospecting

Isaac James road map

S8 E9: How To Create More Income With Consistent Prospecting

Corey Daniel Road Map

S8 E8: Formula For Success

Tonia Crowe Road Map

S8 E7: FSBO Mastery: Secret Hacks