7 Tips for a Happier, Healthier 2021

Man running up hill

We wanted to close 2020 with a few tips on how to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for the coming year. Commit to an exercise program: If you don’t already have an exercise program, now is a perfect time to break out those new sweats you got for Christmas. It doesn’t take much to…

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Reset: Get Your Head into 2021

Business woman with hero shadow

It’s that time of year when we assess the previous 12 months, and set our sights on the 12 months to come. If you go back a year I’m time, what were you thinking with regard to your business in 2020? What were you in-going 2020 goals? What were your short and long-term aspirations? Of…

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The Perfect Time for a Warm Call

Happy holidays cartoon

Regardless of how you, as a real estate agent, approach the holiday seasons (relax vs. turn up the heat), one thing is certain: this is the perfect time to reach out to your Sphere of Influence. In last week’s post, End the Year with a Video Email to your Sphere, we focused on using video…

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End the Year with a Video Email to your Sphere

Person at computer drinking coffee

Several weeks ago, we wrote about upping your prospecting game in November and December. This is typically a period many people (real estate agents and homeowners alike) dismiss as a terrible time to sell a home. Of course, this is hardly been a typical year. And that post highlighted a number of reasons why this…

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Fight Off Those Pesky Distractions

woman meditating in lavender

If there is an overarching theme for this blog it’s how to stay focused on the things that matter most to your success. Some agents have a natural inclination to staying focused, or on task. But, not everyone enjoy that type of discipline. That’s OK. We’re all built differently. That’s why we use this blog…

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Make the Season Bright…and Profitable

Living room christmas decor

We’re quickly moving into the heart of the holiday season. It’s always an interesting time for real estate pros. Many ascribe to the mantra that “nobody wants to sell their home during the holidays.” But many agents see gold in the myth that “nobody wants to sell their home during the holidays.” These agents know…

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Jump Back in the Game!

Yellow and white arrows making a triangle

Here’s the thing about us humans: our minds can be fickle, unpredictable. We can be on top of our game one day, and be questioning everything we do the next. You could be sticking to your routine and having tremendous success, then for any number of reasons, go into a slump.  Regardless of how successful…

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Thoughts on Year-End Planning

Do it now image next to coffee mug

It’s been quite a year. “Unprecedented” has been a favorite adjective tossed around by the press, pundits and everyone in between. Unprecedented or not, 2020 is winding down. This time of year, is typically a high point for retail sales, but not as much for real estate. Of course, 2020 has been anything but typical.…

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Be Comfortable with the Numbers

Businessman working with modern laptop and icon strategy concept

There are myriad variables that often define the line between success and failure, some of which are out of our control. But one thing is certain: when it comes to high-performing real estate agents, most make a habit (obsession?) of constantly reviewing and understanding the numbers that define their business. Like anything else, comfort with…

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The Little Things Matter

Sun shining through trees in field

Last week we posted about how to win by focusing on the big strategies. We reiterated many of the themes we often discuss in this blog: accountability partners, leveraging the value of expired listings, FSBOs, etc. Today, we shift gears to look at how top performers win by managing the little things, the small habits…

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7 Tips for Real Estate Success

Customer service woman with headset smiling

Vulcan 7 recently shared seven tips for success in the real estate business. We thought we’d reproduce them for readers of our blog: Accountability: As we continuously remind readers of this blog, prospecting is the key to achieving your goals. To that end, regular, systematic lead generation with accurate data on expireds and FSBO “now”…

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Success with Expireds

Woman laughing wearing headset in front of computer

When it comes to expired listings, always remember: You can assume they are motivated because they’ve already made the decision to sell their home. They are likely not adverse to working with a real estate agent. They have a property to sell without having an assigned agent. Here are a few noteworthy statistics to keep…

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Overcoming Call Reluctance: Part 2

businessman looking out window

In the first post in this series on call reluctance, we focused on why you get it and how you know you have call reluctance. Obviously, a major contributor to call reluctance is fear, whether it’s fear of rejection or fear of failure. We are hard-wired to be fearful when faced with feelings of dread.…

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Overcoming Call Reluctance: Part 1

businessman looking out window

If you watch Vulcan 7’s weekly video series, “Roadmap-How to Take 3 Listings a Week,” you know there are two primary characteristics that define top-performing agents: They focus on listings as their primary source of revenue-generation They are almost obsessive about their morning routines, almost all of which are anchored by dedicated phone-prospecting time. In…

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Understand Your Value Proposition

Businessman looking out window

No need to remind you of this, but real estate is a brutally competitive business. Consider: There are more than 1.3 million agents in the U.S., according to the NAR The median number of transactions across those 1.3 million agents was 12 in 2019 Everyone’s hungry to nail down the next listing. Everyone is promising…

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Are You Effectively Pre-Qualifying?

Male customer service with headset looking in notebook

One thing is for certain about the real estate business: agents waste a lot of time by not adequately pre-qualifying prospects. To a certain degree it’s understandable. You make a connection while phone prospecting, and the person seems eager to move forward. You get excited, perhaps forging ahead without asking some basic questions. And, in…

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The Benefits of a Morning Workout

woman running up staircase, blue background wall

Most high-performing real estate agents stick to a routine every day. They might get up very early and take time to meditate or read or just sit quietly before the bustle of the day takes over. Many agents take time for daily affirmations. Role-playing with an accountability partners is another great strategy to start the…

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