Creating a Real Estate Expired Listing Letter

Expired listing letter

If you’re lucky enough to be a Vulcan 7 client, you’ll start each morning with the newest (and best) Expired and FSBO (For Sale by Owner) leads at your fingertips. We’ve written extensively about mastering the world of FSBO, including: FSBO Strategy: The Basics You Need to Know Five Tips for a Killer FSBO Information Packet But for today,…

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How To Find Real Estate Leads

How to find real estate leads

HOW TO FIND REAL ESTATE LEADS: OVERVIEW In the highly competitive real estate industry, finding quality leads is the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or relatively new to real estate, a consistent funnel of leads is essential to grow your client base, and drive your revenue. However, with the…

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Building Rapport with Clients in Real Estate

Businessman smiling with glasses and arms crossed

One of the biggest challenges or any real estate agent is building rapport with a prospect. It’s estimated that, when engaging a prospect for the first time, a seller has between 10-15 seconds to make a good impression. Or, in other words, to build some initial rapport. What is rapport?  Rapport forms the foundation of…

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Real Estate Prospecting with Video Email

Young woman on couch looking at computer smiling

One of the residual impacts of the pandemic is America’s embrace of personalized, one-to-one video. Most people never heard of Zoom before March, 2020. Now, it’s hard to imagine life without Zoom (or Google Meet, or WebEx, etc.). Our embrace of video reinforces the emotional benefits of seeing someone’s face. It’s both comforting and reassuring…

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5 Steps to Better Customer Service in Real Estate

Smiling customer service agent

Customer service is a common theme in this blog, and for good reason. Great customer service, regardless of the industry, is what sets the best apart from everyone else. Clients and customers remember great service, and are more than likely to share their positive experience with others. Or, put another way, great customer service is…

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Leverage Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence

Sphere water clouds

Most successful, prospecting-driven agents know the importance of building and maintaining their real estate sphere of influence (SOI). While your SOI may not represent the same level of immediacy or urgency as expired listings or even FSBOs, it does represent a solid foundation for future revenue opportunities. In the broadest sense, your SOI is comprised…

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Never Let up on Follow-up

Follow up see through image

Here’s a fact worth putting in the back of your mind: MORE BUSINESS IS LOST from a lack of lead follow-up than from a lack of real estate lead generation. That’s right, top-performing real estate agents get 70-80% of their listing appointments due to their persistent follow-up efforts. Here’s what’s amazing: about half of all…

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Build Rapport to Get in the Door: Part I

Blue chat bubbles

Our blog theme in February is about effective follow-up.  As we said in an EARLIER POST, top-performing agents secure more than 70% of their listings through persistent follow-up; in other words, after the initial call. Today, we launch a two-part series on how to build rapport through effective conversation skills. This is something that doesn’t…

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Improve Follow-Up By Asking Good Questions

Ask questions business suit graphic

Our blog theme for February is about the importance of follow-up. As we said in our first post in this series, FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP, more than 70% of listing appointments come through lead follow-up instead of the first call. In that post, we discussed the importance of dedicated, persistent follow-up until you secure…

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Fortune’s in the Follow-Up

Don't forget to follow up notebook and pen

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that we’re DOGGED in pushing the importance of regular, daily prospecting to build your business. We’re not about to change our tune on the prospecting front. But did you know that MORE BUSINESS IS LOST from a lack of lead follow-up, than from a…

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Consider Sending a Video Email to your Sphere

computer screen zoom call with woman in glasses

As we wind down 2021 and set our sites on the great year we’re going to have in 2022, we thought this would be a good time to remind you of the importance of staying connected to those in your sphere of influence (SOI). All top-producing agents understand the importance of nurturing their SOI. These…

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Top Producing Agents Do These 6 Things On a Regular Basis

Business woman with hero shadow

For November, we’re focused on the importance of accountability in building a successful real estate business. In this post, we look at personal accountability as part of the foundation of a production-focused mentality. One thing we know about high-performing real estate agents is that they tend to share a similar quality: they are obsessively PRODUCTION-FOCUSED!…

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These Tips Will Help You Maintain Your Perspective

Sun beam seen through hand

“If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too” This famous passage from Rudyard Kipling’s iconic poem “If” was the perfect way to capture our October theme on “mindset”…

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The Importance of Understanding Your Value Proposition

Businessman smiling with glasses and arms crossed

What sets you apart from your competition? How does a prospect know you’re the right person to handle one of the most important financial decisions of their life? There are a lot of hard-driving agents out there-what separates you from the pack? Or, to ask it another way: what’s your VALUE PROPOSITION? Your sales value…

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StoryTellr and the Power of Face-to-Face Connection

Person at computer drinking coffee

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of staying connected to people. It’s our lifeblood. In particular, you’ve been trained to appreciate the value of building a “sphere of influence” as the foundation of your business. By nurturing your sphere of influence, you create long-term opportunities for both repeat business and, perhaps more…

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In-The-Moment Prospecting With Mobile Callback

Smart phone incoming call

Earlier this year, Vulcan7 added Mobile Callback to its best-in-class prospecting CRM. What is Mobile Callback? Simply, a prospecting phone number that enables inbound functionality to Vulcan7s lead generation system. Convenience and Simplicity Mobile Callback provides a unique, mobile phone number that you can use as your Caller ID during Vulcan7 dialing sessions. You can…

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4 Steps to Handling an Angry Client

woman meditating in lavender

An important skill to master in real estate, as in life, is dealing with another person’s anger. Angry clients are a fact of life. Sometimes they’re angry for a legitimate reason. Perhaps you were late for a meeting, made a mistake on paperwork or any of myriad things that can go wrong in handling a…

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